May 11, 2022

OTTAWA, Ontario – May. 11, 2022 – Corsa Security today announced Hitachi Systems has selected the Corsa Security Orchestrator for the intelligent orchestration of virtual firewalls, which they are offering their customers in Singapore and India. The Corsa Security Orchestrator enhances Hitachi’s Automation and Orchestration solutions, providing users a virtual infrastructure manager for operating virtual machines (VMs) and virtual Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) at high-capacity Internet gateways. This helps managed security service providers (MSSPs), government organizations and companies in travel, logistics, media and entertainment more easily and quickly deploy, scale and optimize on-premise virtual firewalls from leading vendors in the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant.

“Successful digital transformation depends on a solid foundation of automation across infrastructure, and that has to include security,” says Anuj Gupta, CEO of Hitachi Systems. “We’re excited to offer the Corsa Security Orchestrator to further expand our network security capabilities. Its innovative approach helps to further automate the full lifecycle of on‑premise virtual firewalls and will make our customers more agile, efficient, and secure.”

“Cybersecurity needs to constantly evolve, and the Corsa Security Orchestrator brings critical network modernization to automate and virtualize on-premises firewalls,” added Vivek Gupta, Sr. Vice President of Cybersecurity business of Hitachi Systems. “Our customers will benefit from increased business agility with network security that can respond rapidly in the most effective and economical way possible.”

The Corsa Security Orchestrator provides an intuitive interface to simplify all the complex operations associated with running virtual firewall instances, including licensing, deployment, maintenance, troubleshooting, and auto-scaling. By integrating virtualization with intelligent orchestration, organizations can realize up to 9x lower TCO and speed their time to deployment by a factor of 24. The Orchestrator includes other powerful features to save customers time and money—it automates on‑premise virtual firewall deployments, optimizes server resource allocation, and maximizes firewall license credits by scaling up firewalls when and if needed.

“MSSPs and organizations running large, distributed networks are under pressure to keep pace with dynamically changing security needs,” explains Eduardo Cervantes, CEO at Corsa Security. “They need automation and orchestration to successfully adapt their physical firewalls to virtual ones. The Corsa Security Orchestrator has been designed from the ground up to eliminate the DevOps needed to automate firewall virtualization. Partnering with Hitachi is an important milestone because they share our vision of empowering businesses to successfully integrate new digital initiatives.”

About Hitachi Systems

Hitachi Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is an IT services company that is 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Japan. Utilizing their vast experience not only in the Indian market but also have their presence globally. Hitachi Systems has 18 offices in India and a fully own subsidiary in Singapore to cover the APAC region. Their advanced technological expertise, and the comprehensive strength of Hitachi, the global technology leader, they are capable of delivering the expertise required to manage a range of digital ecosystems from cables to the cloud. They believe that every single organization has its own unique DNA. While continuing to promote the unified corporate vision of Social Innovation, they help each and every customer retain their sense of uniqueness through the provision of customized and flexible engagement and operating models that result in IT services and solutions that are tailored to individual businesses.