August 24, 2023

OTTAWA, Ontario – Aug. 24, 2023 – Corsa Security, leaders in scaling network security, today announced it has entered into an agreement with Exordior Group, the Singapore headquartered leading managed security service provider having its direct presence across APAC and EMEA region, to offer a hosted, managed virtual firewall service for their customers in Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, India, Middle East and Africa.

Exordior will be able to quickly offer a modern virtual firewall service (VFS) for their customers, built upon the flexible, responsive Corsa Security Orchestrator (CSO) and software firewalls from leading vendors. Exordior customers will benefit from extremely quick deployment cycles and the ability to scale software firewalls as needed to meet varying throughput demands.

“We have been looking to virtualize our firewall-as-a-service to our end customers, but it has been difficult to find a solution that could be flexible to grow with our business while staying cost effective,” said Jitin Luthra, Managing Director, Exordior Group. “The Corsa Security Orchestrator lets us scale firewall capacity as needed so we can start customers off at one service level and easily grow them over time as needed. This keeps upfront spending reasonable and long-term investments can be progressive.”
“Corsa continues to show leadership with Virtual Firewall Services, and we are delighted to be working with Exordior,” says Eduardo Cervantes, CEO, Corsa Security. “They can get their service up and running very quickly because no DIY virtualization is needed. This will save on development costs and allow them to monetize the service quickly. Their customers will be the big beneficiaries of this time and investment savings.”

The Corsa Security Orchestrator deploys, scales and optimizes virtual firewalls so Exordior’s customer support team can spin up new ones in minutes. Each customer, large or small, gets their own firewall VM or cluster of VMs and benefits from better security with the firewall security subscription that aligns to their needs or is compatible with their existing deployment. The Corsa Security Orchestrator monitors and controls the virtual firewalls so that Exordior can manage all their firewall VMs from a unified dashboard delivering speed, simplicity, and savings to their managed service offering.