January 20, 2021

SAN JOSE, Calif. – Jan. 20, 2021 – GEO Semiconductor Inc. (“GEO”), the market leader in camera video processors (CVPs) for automotive cameras, today announced surpassing a major milestone for the company, eclipsing 250 Automotive OEM design wins.
GEO’s application specific camera video processors are used in a wide range of camera applications including those focused-on viewing, where the video is projected on a display and viewed by the driver; and sensing, where the video is processed using advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms. The ability to support both major categories allows GEO to deliver solutions in applications from a simple backup camera to a full Autonomous Driving platform.

GEO’s portfolio of design wins covers the full gamut of camera-based applications in the automotive market. These design wins represent engagements with over 30 different Tier 1 suppliers, and over a dozen of the world’s top automotive OEMs.
“GEO released it’s first automotive product in 2015 and made the strategic decision to exclusively develop CVPs for automotive from that point forward. In the past 5 years we leveraged our world class team, our focused product strategy, and our customers to propel us to grow to the position of market leadership.” said Dave Orton, GEO Semiconductor CEO. “The world’s leading automotive companies chose GEO due to our camera, video, and computer vision expertise, and our ability to provide timely cutting edge solutions for these complex applications.”

GEO has two major camera video processor (CVP) families in full production today, the GW4, which has 5 variations, and the GW5, which has 6 variations. These two families insure that GEO addresses the breadth of applications for the automotive camera market. GEO’s products provide outstanding image quality under the challenging high dynamic range (HDR) conditions that are unique in automotive applications. In addition, these products provide the complimentary system features, and support of automotive safety requirements while delivering a very low power, low cost product solution.

About GEO Semiconductor

GEO Semiconductor Inc. is a private fabless semiconductor company developing camera video processors for automotive viewing and ADAS cameras. GEO’s value proposition is to provide automotive Tier-1s with the best products, tools, and support to guarantee exceptional image quality and system performance. GEO is headquartered in San Jose, CA with global representation in the U.S., Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The company is led by world-class imaging and video professionals with extensive experience in research, implementation, and optimization of image signal processing, geometric processing, and computer vision processing for embedded platforms. Learn more at www.geosemi.com.